Sunday, October 05, 2014

UPDATE: The Big 4 plus a Gorey

This list has actually changed a lot more than I thought it would in first year of existence. The small mysteries of life...

1. Heaven's Prisoners - James Lee Burke
Still on top. When I first created this list I strongly considered Robert Crais's LULLABY TOWN for the head of the list, primarily under the assumption that the cost would prohibit me from buying it. It was not and now HEAVEN'S PRISONERS has been here since the beginning. Soon, I'll head to the same Pasadena Book show where I was tripping over copies last year, and with the express purpose is to land a copy there. Writing that dooms the whole enterprise. [Editor's Note: B'ah it totally did...]

2. The Beekeeper's Apprentice - Laurie R. King
Previously I have written that my hopes are pinned the acquisition of this book at the Long Beach B'Con in a few months time. That plan has not changed. [Editor's Note: I can no longer state with any certainty if this assertion or the one above is true any more. I suppose neither book will be available at the shows and then this whole thing is moot. Working under the assumption that the books will be available I am no longer certain that I should purchase The reason being strictly financial. Whether that is an actual issue is a concern that shifts daily for no actual reason other than the my occasionally conflicted views about this hobby]

3. A Morning For Flamingos - James Lee Burke
I walked into a book shop recently and was brusquely treated by the owner. He assumed, incorrectly, that I had wandered off the street into the wrong the shop. He quickly mentioned that this was not a browsing shop...whatever that means...and that he only had first editions for sale. He then pointed to a photo of him and Johnny Depp. It was an odd experience. Perhaps his manner related to something unseen by myself.  Perhaps another customer in the back of the store? As a Midwesterner my default is that it must be me, then I picked up a copy of NICK'S TRIP by George Pelecanos. He was charging $1,750 for a book in lesser condition than the one I bought in the Spring for a quarter of the price...and decided the guy was a douche. Long story short...he also had a copy of A MORNING FOR FLAMINGOS that you could not pay me to buy from this jackass.

4. The Tourist - Olen Steinhauer
This books has popped up in a couple places. I was in NYC and saw a few dinged up copies at The Strand. I hate to think this would be a difficult book to acquire.

The Fatal Lozenge - Edward Gorey
First of the Alphabet books from Gorey. I need a greater plan for this author as I have roughly 63 books to collect with a sizable portion of the collection being expensive privately pressed small editions. Perhaps collecting all of the Alphabet books is a good first objective. In any case it is unlikely that The Fatal Lozenge will be the next Gorey book I buy. With so much to collect it is just nice to have examples in my collection. Maybe it could more accurate of my designs on THE FATAL LOZENGE that I'll try and find a copy in better shape than I normally would for my Edward Gorey collection. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lawrence Block - Grantland Podcast

Here is another Grantland podcast featuring the great Lawrence Block. This comes from Brian Koppleman on his podcast The Moment. Now unlike the Dennis Lehane podcast form a couple weeks ago I have not listened to this and unlike Dennis Lehane I have not read very much Lawrence Block. In fact the correct answer is one. I have read one book by Lawrence Block. That does not mean you shouldn't and that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen this podcast. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Academy Conversations: The Drop

Most interesting to me, as I never knew this, is that ANIMAL RESCUE/THE DROP was born out of MISSING DELORES.... [Editor's Note: I work for AMPAS]

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bouchercon 2014 - Panels

Likely not the final schedule, but lots to peruse with the release of the Long Beach Bouchercon panels. The Hungry Detective will be there Thursday PM to Sunday. I'll miss all the panels on Thursday, but I'll catch up with the authors I'll miss later in the weekend. I think I'm destined to take it pretty easy the days I am there. Four Bouchercons later, I've learned my limits. I will bring a lot fewer books to sign. Right it now it stands at 30 books. a misleading number because two authors account for half that number. 

About a week out I'll write a 'best of panels' post for the whole weekend.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Dennis Lehane on THE DROP + more

Here is a good podcast from the greater Grantland empire. I have listened to a lot of the Grantland podcasts the last few months. And just about every one is smart, thoughtful, and frequently silly.

Interviewed by Andy Greenwald, Mr. Lehane focuses THE DROP in all its forms, but touches on his work during THE WIRE, and writing THE GIVEN DAY, LIVE BY NIGHT, and the forthcoming conclusion WORLD GONE BY. Plus a mess of upcoming TV projects. Check it...

Sunday, September 07, 2014

I'm gonna buy these books

In version 1.0 of this blog I wrote quarterly book release previews. I enjoyed that aspect a great deal, so here are a few things I'll buy in the coming months.

WAYFARING STRANGER - James Lee Burke - Out Now
A strictly non-series book from Mr. Burke is a rare occurrence...and honestly I am not even 100% that WAYFARING STRANGER does not refer to previous work. In the past, I have fooled myself into believing that I did not have to buy them to have the complete canon. That was foolish thinking. [Editors Note: A quick glance of Mr. Burke's website notes the main character being a part of the large 'Holland' clan.] 

THE RECKONING - Rennie Airth - Out Now
The first in this series, RIVER OF DARKNESS, lingers long in my memory. It is a great book. The two sequels are a case of diminishing returns. I don't believe either of those books survived the purge where as I would be loathed to part with RIVER OF DARKNESS. Perhaps it is the several year intermission between each book? It hardly matters as I my connection with the first is strong enough to seek the latest out when it hits shelves. 

THE DROP - Dennis Lehane - Out Now
A novelization to the coming movie which is also an adaptation of Mr. Lehane's highly regarded short, Animal Rescue. Of all the books on this list, this comes as the biggest surprise. The sequel to LIVE BY NIGHT, WORLD GONE BY was scheduled for a hot second this spring before being pushed a full year.  I wonder if this novel and that movie are the reason? [Editors Note: This could just be Amazon weirdness.]

THE SUN IS GOD - Adrian McKinty - September 9
I have blathered on and on about how I think this guy is great. You should buy all his books. His recent Duffy Trilogy is fantastic. Bonus is that Mr. McKinty is slated to attend this year Bouchercon in Long Beach. I have many books for him to sign.

PERFIDIA - James Ellroy - September 9th
A return to Los Angeles, and hopefully (more) complete sentences from Mr. Ellroy. Characters from the LA Quartet mix with characters from his Underworld U.S.A books to deliver what is likely a dense narrative of WWII era Los Angeles.

ROSE GOLD - Walter Mosley - September 23
Last year's LITTLE GREEN was the best Easy Rawlins since...well a long time. Walter Mosley and Easy Rawlins are a part of my origin story. I will follow them down the trail for as long as I can read words on the printed page...or until they force an e-reader into my hands...when in which case I'll open an Etsy shoppe and sell hand made books.

THE BURNING ROOM - Michael Connelly - Novemebr 3
Mr. Connelly has not missed in a very long time. It is a Bosch book this go around, and I can't help but think that Mickey Haller is the counterbalance to Mr. Connelly's Los Angeles. An obvious statement, but I mean this more for Connelly as an author of Los Angeles based crime fiction.

THE PROMISE - Robert Crais - November 4
Everyone is back for Robert Crais's latest. And I mean everyone. Elvis, Joe, that dog from the last book. Mr. Crais has been on a pretty solid run of books lately, and I mean come is Robert Crais. Even an 'off' Crais is still better than 90% of almost anyone else.

NO KNOWN GRAVE - Maureen Jennings - November 28
One of my favorite authors. She is now three books deep into a series that I only recently discovered. Lots to catch up. [Editors Note: Read the first in the series, Season of Darkness. It was good but not up to the standard of the Murdoch books. Still, solid.]

Perhaps I have missed others, but my new book buying is strictly author maintenance. Perhaps in 2015 I will look to add an author to The Hungry Detective stable. I'll need to make more serious in roads into the back catalog of books I still need to fill out the gaps in the authors I already collect. I should gather names of perspective authors...

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

This is an addendum to the previous post

I bought another Edward Gorey. A SILENT FILM. It is the least illustrated book that Edward Gorey ever created...although I am not an expert. I bought it at an auction. An honest to goodness...albeit over the I frequent an Edward Gorey blog that announced the auction of a Gorey collection at the Swann Auction House. Of the 200 or so lots, three caught my eye. Which is too say there were delusions of grandeur. The day of the auction I watched two of three bids fall quickly away. One was for his first book, THE UNSTRUNG HARP, and the other was for his second Fantod Press package. Those lots sold for far more money than I thought they were worth. As for the third lot, A SILENT FILM, I was the sole bidder. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! It is a lovely little book. A screenplay with a sole illustration on the front cover. The book is a limited edition release of 100 copies. I have book 26. [Editors Note: This is incorrect, but for the life of me I can not remember to look at the actual number of the copy I own...and it it time for me to hit the publish button on this fella.]

So to bring you up to date there have been no further major purchases and in fact not a lot of looking. There has been some basic author maintenance with new releases. Too much money has been spent. I'll pin my hopes on another Pasadena book show and the Long Beach BoucherCon this fall. Which is probably when I'll update this blog again.  

[Editors Note: I made one more major purchase that I will detail soon, plus a Big 4 update, and a plan for the Pasadena show, plus some B'Con prep. Why exactly I thought this would be the last post for a bit is just fact this whole post is riddled with issues and should just be re-written.]