Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Burrview - 2011/12

The Winter Preview is here. With the winter holiday I had a few hours to seat and consider what is an expansive list of upcoming Crime Fiction releases. There are a good number of books to get excited about this quarter.

The Hungry Detective encourages you to buy these books when they appear at local bookstore. (Seriously Amazon..... just awful.). Happy Holidays to everyone. Be safe, and read!

SLASH AND BURN - Colin Cotterill - Out Now
One of these days I'll write a post about all the authors I have always wanted to read. Mr. Cotterill would be near the top of that list.

THE LEOPARD - Jo Nesbo - Out Now
While we all wait for the eventual release of Book 4 of Blomkvist and Salander, publishing is pushing Mr. Nesbo with unrestrained abandon. Plus the name. Harry Hole. I. Mean. Come. On.

DARK REVELATIONS - Anthony Zuiker and Duane Swierczynski - December 29
I read the first book in this series. I skipped the second due to my court mandated restraining order to not read any thrillers.

AGENT 6 - Tom Rob Smith - January 5
CHILD 44 made a gigantic splash a few years back. I never caught up with the second, THE SECRET SPEECH. I love the Soviet era setting, but found little else compelling about CHILD 44. Release is January 5th, but I saw this on the shelf yesterday.

THE COLD, COLD GROUND Adrian McKinty - January 5
A UK only release, or I guess I should say this book is not being released in the US due to shortsighted US publishers. Sigh.  Looking forward to receiving this book via as yet to be determined UK book purveyor.

RAYLAN - Elmore Leonard - January 17
I have friends that swear by the FX show Justified, including my mother. I am possibly the only Crime Fiction enthusiast who has never felt all that compelled to at the very least read the highlights of Mr. Leonard's expansive canon.

WHAT IT WAS - George Pelecanos - January 23
Is there any better chronicler of a city than what Mr. Pelecanos has done with Washington DC? The Hungry Detective assures you that the answers is no. I should point out that right now (12/17) the Kindle is .99!

TAKEN - Robert Crais - January 24
I've enjoyed the Pike books greatly but Elvis is always good for some morally conflicted laughs. TAKEN looks be to a hybrid. Half Cole/Pike. Half Pike/Cole.

I was under the impression that we had seen the last of those wacky Spellman's. I guess I was wrong.

AN AMERICAN SPY - Olen Steinhauer - March 13
How long do I have to wait for this book. Hrumpf. Too long. The first two books in the Milo Weaver series are easily in the top five or ten things I have read in the last three years.

Other Notables:
THE CONFESSION - Charles Todd; THE RETRIBUTION - Val McDermid; BREAKDOWN - Sara Paretsky; THE JAGUAR - T. Jefferson Parker; The Rope - Nevada Barr; ALL I DID WAS SHOOT MY MAN - Walter Mosely; THE FEAR INDEX - Robert Harris; WILD THING - Josh Bazell; THE COMEDY IS FINISHED - Donald E. Westlake; CHASING MIDNIGHT - Randy Wayne White; RIZZO'S DAUGHTER - Lou Manfredo; THE GIRL NEXT DOOR - Brad Parks; STAY CLOSE - Harlan Coben; FORCE OF NATURE - C.J. Box

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Best of Lists.... Cookbook Edition

One of the things that has kept me interested in the printed word during my winter with crime fiction was cookbooks. At this point I do not have the proper words to describe the attraction as I cook very little from cookbooks or related food magazines. Pretty pictures and wish fulfillment are about all I have at the moment to explain my curiosity.

I know some people find Top Ten lists odious and beside the point, but I like to call those people crazy. Top Ten lists are harmless fun. Here are seven recent ones for the best cookbooks of 2011.

The New York Times list is insistent that their readership expand their global view of cooking. I love those weighty tomes about Middle Eastern cooking and the like. Perhaps it is a bit naive  to only praise these books for their pictorial beauty, but living where I do invariably means using Google to search for 'substitute for X exotic spice.' My picks from this list are Tender by Nigel Slater and Hugh Acheson's A New Turn in the South

The Bon Appetit list was complied by the owners of Rabelais bookstore in Portland. It is a pretty populist list, Mission Street Food, Milk Bar, and Joe Beef are the more well known titles to appear. If I had to pick a title to add to my shelf it would be Bocca Cookbook by Jacob Kenedy. I'm a sucker for cool looking dust jackets and things that are in London.

The Amazon list is a spare but culturally accepted ten titles. The only list so far to include the hugely acclaimed Gabrielle Hamilton memoir. I guess that title will pop on Best Bio lists. The Modernist Cuisine book makes an appearance, as does the third incarnation of Alton Brown's amusing Good Eats series. I'd go with M. Pepin's Essential Pepin if I could. Maybe I will.

The Huffington Post borrows BA's annoying slide show display, which is troubling. Claudia Roden's The Food of Spain peeks its head out again as does Andrew Carmellini's vaguely right wing sounding American Flavor. I'll be coming into a little money in the next week. And with those tens of dollars I'll be picking up Heston Blumenthal at Home.

Epicurious adds the Blumenthal book to their list, along with The Homesick Texan and Truly Mexican. I've read some of Michael Ruhlman's non-fiction on cooking but none of his more directly related food missives. The book I'd grab here is Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi.

The NPR list begins with me questioning that this might be the longest post of THD 5 year existence. Anyway, I ran across Molly Stevens book, All About Roasting, a month or so ago. It immediately spoke to my Midwestern sensibilities for its obvious practicality. I'm going to eat meat, so lets figure out how to cook it without destroying it.

Serious Eats restricts their list to the time test number of 10. Mario Batali appears with his Simple Family Meals. I read Heat earlier this year and I found Mr. Batali to be kind of a douche. However as near as I can tell he writes a hell of a cookbook. The Ruhlman and Camellini books show up again, but I might have to go with the Batali from this crowd.

-- Additions 12/5  --

The San Francisco Chronicle's main list focuses on books released in the last couple months. A secondary list goes over books released earlier in the year. In the main list is the Pepin book, along with the Ruhlman. The Eleven Madison Park and The Food 52Cookbook has also been a popular choice among a couple lists. The SF Chronicle list of course picks a handful of SF centric titles, but the one that intrigues me the most is The Whole Beast Butchery by Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Books Recieved - November 2011

It is the good fortune of The Hungry Detective to now and again receive books from authors, publishers or their associated marketing agencies.

These books were received in the month of November 2011

COLD SHOT TO THE HEART - Wallace Stroby - Minotaur Books
THE HOLY THIEF - William Ryan - Minotaur Books
DEAD MAN'S GRIP - Peter James - Minotaur Books