Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The (new) Big Four plus the Gorey

1. Heaven's Prisoners - James Lee Burke
Still number one, and with good reason. There are just too many gaps in my JLB collection for comfort. I am hoping to to pick this up at the big California Antiquarian Book Fair this week in Pasadena. If I can grab this book the fair will be a success for me.

With recent purchases I was able to pick off A Firing Offense and Nick's Trip, two picks that will now never make this list. Let's see how long this book last on the list. I am a big advocate for buying something just so that I can stop thinking about it. This does not cover all occasions hence the reason why I do not have a Xbox.

3. The Beekeeper's Apprentice - Laurie R. King
I am somewhat pinning my hopes on the Long Beach Bouchercon to pull the trigger on this book. The dealer room should have a few to choose from and if past BCons have proven anything most people are not looking to buy expensive books in that room.

4. A Morning for Flamingos - James Lee Burke
After much consternation I went with A Morning for Flamingos in the four spot. For a good deal of time I had a Craig Johnson book in here and then briefly flirted with The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer. Flamingos makes the cut because after Heaven's Prisoners it is oldest book on the list. Playing off what I said about that book above, I think most of the year is going to spent on filling those gaps.

The Loathsome Couple - Edward Gorey
In the months since turning some of my collecting attention to Edward Gorey I have seen exactly zero books by the author. Sure there have been a few recent reprints, but for the time being that falls out of my current purview. I fear I would have better luck on the East Coast finding Mr. Gorey's canon. Time will tell.

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