Thursday, October 29, 2015

Live By Night: First Image

'Live by Night' 

First image from Live By Night the latest Dennis Lehane novel to be directed by Ben Affleck has appeared. Here is the accompanying article from Indiewire.

What can you say about one singular image from a film that will include a hundred thousand or so? It looks good. I'm a sucker for big fields of grass, what can I say? I have enjoyed all of Ben Affleck's directing efforts to date, even if I wasn't wowed by any of them. I don't mean to damn him with faint praise. He is a solid, unpretentious director of capital m 'Movies'. And even if he wasn't making the best thing Dennis Lehane has written in the last ten years I would still go see his next effort.

The movie is slated for a 2017 release which I'm not certain should be believed. In spite of the film already vacating a Fall 2016 date, if the movie is even kind of  good, dollars to donuts it sneaks into a late 2016 release for Award show consideration. A 2017 release date seems more accurate, if early test screenings are shaky and/or more likely Affleck doesn't have enough to time to find the picture in editing because his Batman commitments take up too much of his time. In that case I look for Cannes 2017, wins Palme d'Or and this drops Fall 2017 an interminable two years after filming. WB could counter-program this into a Spring 2017 release. That would condemn it into exactly 0.0 Oscar nominations, and WB wants those Oscars nominations. Altogether this is exciting news, particularly as I thought the minute he took the Batman role Live By Night was condemned to the scrapheap of great un-produced crime fiction movies.

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